Very little is known about Yuzzie's early years, but it is said that he was born into a working class family in a magical place along the banks of the Mighty Mon.  Although his fame has spread over the known world, to this day he lives but a few kilometers from his birthplace.

He has two older male siblings chose to seek their fortunes in the lands to the west and south, respectively.  Altough they have been moderately sucessful, they do not possess the mystical powers attributed to Yuzzie. 

Yuzziie credits his  massive consumption of an elixir once brewed in a quaint hamlet along the banks of the Yough as the source of his exrtraordinary powers.  As proof of this, he points to his siblings, who choose to forego consumption of this magical potion and, as stated above, are quite ordinary when compared to the Great Yuzzie.